Sunday, January 9, 2011

Semester Finals - How Early is Too Early?

At the begining of the year, we recieved a list from the high school teachers in our district. This list comprised all of the things that these teachers wished that we'd teach to our middle-schoolers before they began their freshman year. Among many others, they had expressed that they'd like their students to be introduced to the idea of finals.

So, I am giving my first semester final this week. (I probably should have done them quarterly, but I feel that this is a perfect opportunity to revisit some topics before we really get into CSAP prep in the month of February.) I have created a fabulous (by my standards) review / study sheet, and we are playing review games all this week. We're doing everything from Jeopardy to role-playing games, and everything in between. I'm excited to see how the kids respond to the idea of a semester final: will they find it challenging? Tedious? Exciting? Who knows! Either way, I'm thankful for the opportunity to show the kids just how much they've learned (or re-learned) throughout the school year so far.

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