Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Class is really fun today...I just can't explain it."

We are in the midst of reviewing for our Semester Final this week. My lesson plans are full of review games like Jeopardy and whiteboard races. It's been a challenge to come up with quick and easy activities, because the kids are still bonkers from our snow day on Monday. (Not to mention the late start yesterday and the lingering snow on the playground. How DO they manage to be covered in it by the end of recess?)

To practice the parts of a story, I split the kids up into groups of five. In these groups, each person wrote a "part" of a very short story, the: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. They wrote their part on a whiteboard, and then each group presented their story. Each time, we reviewed the proper order of these vocabulary words. It was fun! Here was the one we came up with in 1st hour:

Once there was a little frog who lived alone in the swamp.

Rising Action
Suddenly, he saw a hawk flying in the sky above him. He ran and ran, then finally grabbed a clod of dirt and flung it at the bird.

The hawk dove at the little frog, pointing his talons toward his scrawny neck. The frog ducked.

Falling Action
The hawk missed and hit a tree. He knocked himself at and hit the ground, seeing stars.

The frog lived happily ever after and the hawk stumbled over to Buffalo Wing Station for a good meal.

Ahh, the kids. They are so funny.

When one student was leaving class, he tried to explain to another student what we were doing. "Class is really fun today," he said, "but I can't explain why..." Wow. This is the highest order of compliment. We reviewed vocabulary and they actually had FUN. Will wonders never cease?

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