Monday, January 10, 2011

An Interview With My (Sarcastic and Melodramatic) Blog

What better way to spend the evening of a snow day than beginning a bloggy adventure? At approximately my normal bedtime (we're on a 2-hour delay tomorrow, so who's counting?), I got a chance to sit down with my blog and ask it a few pointed questions. The answers may surprise you. I may have created a monster...

Mrs. S: So Blog, if I may call you that, how have you been?

Blog: My goodness. Barbara Walters you aren't. You really should have started with a more hard-hitting question, like, "Do you worry that you are contributing to the pernicious effects of cyber-overstimulation in juveniles?"

Mrs. S: Wow, that would have been a more severe question. A bit abrupt, but definitely a conversation-starter.

Blog: Obviously.

Mrs. S: Anyhow, let's start with the basics, shall we? How long have you been chronicling the exciting life and times of Mrs. S?

Blog: Am I allowed to comment on the presumptuousness of this statement?

Mrs. S: I'd rather you didn't.

Blog: Very well, I have been around for only about two weeks now. I'm woefully under-used and -appreciated. Mrs. S is not a fastidious blogger, and her posts seem to vary in subject from the mundane to the downright philosophical. My identity is in question...

Mrs. S: How frustrating that must be for you! I imagine that Mrs. S feels that her own identity, or job rather, pulls her in many different directions, too. Have you given any thought to your purpose?

Blog: I aspire to be a place where Mrs. S can swap lessons, lesson plans, and literary achievements. She's a very idealistic woman, and is willing to try anything. You know she spent several hours over her break pouring over blogs and websites trying to get ideas for essay assignments over winter break?

Mrs. S: You don't say. I suppose many teachers are prone to this behavior. Do you think that Mrs.S is willing to put in the work needed for her blog to be a success?

Blog: Oh, I believe so. Mrs. S teaches in a very small district, and interaction with other same-grade teachers is frightfully scarce. She would love to probe the minds of more experienced teachers. She'll stick to it, all right.

Mrs. S: I'm terribly sorry, but that's all the time we have for now. SOMEBODY stayed up to late to watch a fascinating British TV show called Dawnton Abbey last night and is a wee bit "knackered" if you know what I mean...

Blog: I do. I spent a summer abroad in 2001.

Mrs. S: That's impossible, you just said...

Blog: As you said, it's bedtime.

Mrs. S: Argh, anthropomorphism at its sarcastic worst... Goodnight everyone, and have a pleasant (if not delayed) tomorrow.


  1. Hello Mrs S
    I have just read down through your posts. First of all I love this theme and the books on the side.
    I enjoyed all your posts. Hmm snow in your place. Sounds like it doesn't happen down your way often or hardly ever. I dream of getting a snow day, but where I live. Its just a dream!!
    So do you teach language and what grade or grades?
    Loved your post on missing the moment with the students, I could really identify with that. Sometimes we do and sometimes we get it right. We are human too! Thanks for sharing it.
    Hope to hear more of you in the challenge and otherwise. I by the way teach Year 6 to 8, general teaching and I live in New Zealand.

  2. Me again.
    A question, I just clicked on the theme at bottom of your blog. Did you purchase this from that place? If you did I might do something similar, as I love the wide setting for the post. I don't use blogspot except for my teacher blog and haven't worked it out for the best yet? Will be back to get my reply. Thanks

  3. Hello K!

    Thanks for your notes; I think you're the first person to really read my blog! This template was just one of the options that I was able to choose from Blogspot. I did not have to pay for it. I'm not exactly sure how you'd get it otherwise...though it's usually safe to assume that everything is for sale for a price. :)

    I teach 7th grade Language Arts, which is really just grammar and composition. My students are about 11-12 years old, and they are a challenging bunch. Ah, the hormones. But I do enjoy them, nonetheless.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week!

    Mrs. S

  4. Mrs S
    See I came back! Thanks about the theme I must explore for it then.
    So if you teach Language arts do you teach all day or are you part time.
    Hormones oh yea! I have been teaching younger grade/year for last few years. But about to hit the hormones again, at least will be slightly modified with your equiv grade 5ers.

  5. I teach all day. I'm in a small district, so I am the only 7th-grade Language Arts teacher in town. I see every kid in this area come through my door every year - about 120 of them. They are fun kids, very different than where I grew up (in California). They teach me a lot about life, and are patient with me about learning the ropes of living in a small town.

    I visited New Zealand a few years ago and am envious of your homeland. If you ever want to do a teach-swap and come live in Colorado for a year, just let me know. :)

    Mrs. S

  6. Mrs S
    Wow, that is quite a different concept to teaching that what I have known before. In some ways I would like to teach in one area like language. Is this at one school, or do you travel to a couple?

  7. Hi Mrs S
    I love the humorous interaction between you and your blog.I think you have a great future ahead of you. I look forward to coming back to view and enjoy your next entry.
    Oona S