Friday, December 31, 2010

The End is Near

Before we went on break, I was, to put it plainly, EXHAUSTED. My lessons were hastily put together, my creativity was at an all-time low, and my patience had been tested one too many times. I was ready for a break.

Now, as I look forward to planning the third quarter (which is the most daunting considering it includes both CSAP review and the test itself), I have returned to the books that I looked at earlier this year. They are great resources and I've found plenty of good ideas in their pages, which is exactly what I need.

I've been using:
Nonfiction Craft Lessons, by Joann Portalupi and Ralph Fletcher
Writing Whizardry, by Maity Schrecengost
Blowing Away the State Writing Assessment Test, by Jane Bell Kiester

Since I didn't graduate with a degree in teaching (I went the alternative route), I often feel like I am removed from the "vein" of literature that I should have tapped long ago. I don't read much juvinille literature, and I don't own a vast library of pedagogical resources. I'm just begining to find / seek / use books like the ones I listed above. It's hard to immerse oneself in literature when you're struggling just to survive. At least now, in my third year, I'm begining to see everything come together.

Here's to the second half of the year...bring it on.

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